New Awesome Format for Concours Judging

Yes, we said it. The Challenge concours is going to be awesome. Yes, spectating is still free, and I can't wait to see everybody there.

What's making it so awesome this year? Three things:

1. No more staff judges. 
Say it ain't so, but we've listened to your feedback and we're changing things up this year. Instead, our own David Wallens will be head judge, an honorary position where he won't be judging cars, but he will be guiding our guest judges through the process and showing them how everything works.

2. Awesome guest judges. 
Seriously. We're bringing in experts from as far away as California! Here's our current judging roster. Note that this is subject to change, and not everybody has finalized travel plans yet, but I think this is who you'll see at the event judging your cars:

Paul Fenner, past Challenge competitor and near-winner. 
Jason Cammisa, formerly of MotorTrend on Demand.
Steven Cole Smith, producer of some of the finest automotive journalism in the world. 
Chris Brewer of the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.
Keith Tanner of Flyin' Miata.

3. A rule change. 
We think this one speaks for itself. For those that are there for the party, now you'll have more time to kick back and enjoy the show.

Any entrant that does not want to go through the concours judging process may decline to be judged by writing "Don't Judge Me" on a piece of tape placed on the upper driver-side corner of the windshield of their car. Cars properly displaying this message that are parked in the centralized concours judging location for the duration of judging will be awarded 12 concours points.