We believe that at an event like this, there should be more awards than the customary top three finishers. After all, the $2018 Challenge is founded on the spirit of enthusiastic competitors just as much as on the incredible performance displayed by the top teams. As such, we will be giving out trophies for winners of every category outlined below. Which one could you win?

$2018 Champion: The winner of the $2018 Challenge will receive a big trophy, and a fancy jacket.

Second and Third Overall: The second and third highest-scoring teams overall get a trophy and the glory.

General Tire Challenge: The fastest driver in the General Tire Challenge will receive a trophy and a free set of General Tire tires. Click here to learn how to join.

Top Three Autocross: Trophies given to the three teams with the fastest autocross runs.

Top Three Drags: Trophies given to the three teams with the fastest quarter-mile times.

Top Three Concours: Trophies given to the three highest-scoring teams in concours judging.

Most Spectacular Failure: These cars are built on a tight budget. Things blow up sometimes. This award goes to the most awesome disappointment of the year.

Best Engineered: The Grassroots Motorsports staff will pick the car they believe to be the most ingeniously engineered.

Editors’ Choice: The Grassroots Motorsports staff will pick their overall favorite entry.

Challengers’ Choice: The $2018 Challenge participants will pick their overall favorite entry. The winner will receive a free welding mask from Miller Electric.

Rookie of the Year Award: Highest-placing first-timer.

Longest Drive Award: For the $2018 Challenger who drives the longest distance from home to the event.

Phil Kime Spirit of the Event Award: Person or team that fully embodies the $2000 Challenge spirit.

Best Reaction Time: Best reaction time on the quarter-mile.

Last Chance Award: Highest-placing car acquired no more than 10 days before the first day of the event. Car shall be purchased from general public, not another Challenge team.

High School Award: Highest-placing car predominantly built by high schoolers.

Old Guy Class: Highest-placing car predominantly built by old guys.

College Class: Highest-placing car predominantly built by college students.

$1008 Class: Highest-placing car built for half the allowed budget—$1008—or less.

If you have questions, contact Rick Goolsby.